The Clinic Visit

The Clinic Visit – What to Bring

• Family members are encouraged to come with you to the clinic.

• Please bring all the medications you are taking to the clinic.

• It is a good idea to come prepared with a list of questions for your neurologist. This will help you to remember your questions at the time of the clinic visit.

Questions to ask your doctor include:

What are the treatments available?

What are the benefits and /or the possible side effects?

How will the treatments affect my normal activities?

Would a clinical trial (research study) be appropriate for me? Can you help me find one?

The Clinic Visit

• Your visit at the ALS Clinic may take up to half a day.

• On your first visit, the doctor will do a full assessment and medical history.

• During your visit, other tests (like an Electromyography – EMG or Magnetic Resonance Image – MRI) may be scheduled. These tests are done to give the doctor more information about your condition.

• It is possible that you will meet other team members during your visit, including the physiotherapist or occupational therapist, the clinical nurse specialist, the respiratory therapist, the fellow and/or other team members.